8 Tips for Choosing an Investment Firm

With so many bankers, brokers and financial advisors out there, how can you be sure that you're making the best choice for your business? Here are just eight important considerations when looking for an investment firm. 1. Know Your Needs What are you hoping to gain by hiring a broker? For example, if you're seeking a majority private equity partner, you shouldn't waste your time with someone who can't make that happen. Before you go shopping for an investment firm, sit down and make a clear Read more [...]

Xmas on a budget

Christmas-On-A-Budget We all love Christmas and the feeling of good will and exhilaration that comes with it. However, it is a period where people throw caution to the wind while spending, which can mean a miserable January. This infographic educates you on what you can do to save yourself some money. Here are some of the highlights. Instead of going to the shops to spend on pre-made decorations, you can buy most of the items used in making them and create your own. The fun that you and your family have doing this, Read more [...]

Building and Contents Insurance-What and Why?

Building and contents insurance is, as the name suggests, the insurance of your residential building and the items contained within it. The building side of the insurance covers the main structure of your home-the walls, the windows, the paintwork for instance, as well as permanent fixtures such as wardrobes, the bath, sinks and taps. The contents side covers your possessions, for example your television and computer, your CD player-items you would take with you if you moved house. A common Read more [...]
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