Lying on a credit application never pays

Nine percent of respondents to an August 2014 Equifax Canada survey admitted to not being entirely truthful on a credit or loan application, and 10% thought it was okay to overinflate income when applying for a mortgage. Deciding to exaggerate the amount you earn, even just a little, can have damaging consequences. Getting caught Even if you are concerned about your ability to get a mortgage, do not be tempted to lie about your salary. Not only will there be consequences when you are found Read more [...]

Benefits of Charity Gifts

  Charity gifts are donations made to a charity that fall under several categories such as education, medicine and water. They provide the person making the donation with the option of choosing what they want to give and this may be based on beliefs or ideas about what people need, and giving these gifts to people provides a sense of mutual satisfaction for all. Specific Charity gifts are provided by most large charity organisations such as UNICEF and are a unique gift idea for Read more [...]

8 Tips for Choosing an Investment Firm

With so many bankers, brokers and financial advisors out there, how can you be sure that you're making the best choice for your business? Here are just eight important considerations when looking for an investment firm. 1. Know Your Needs What are you hoping to gain by hiring a broker? For example, if you're seeking a majority private equity partner, you shouldn't waste your time with someone who can't make that happen. Before you go shopping for an investment firm, sit down and make a clear Read more [...]
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